Agricultural Machinery mechanics

Mini Rotary Mower Z-041/2, the z-041, Z-041/1 and Z-041/2 is intended for mowing niskołodygowych (grass, alfalfa, etc.), harvested for direct feeding or for further processing e.g. siloing, drought or hay.

The mower can be used in meadows and fields niezakamienionych in field conditions of flat or slightly undulating terrain
to 12 °.

Use of it under other conditions shall be construed as not intended.
Compliance with the requirements for machine handling, servicing and repair according to the manufacturer's recommendations and strict adherence
Intended use.

The machine should only be used, operated and repaired by persons familiar with its detailed characteristics and acquainted with the rules of conduct
In the field of occupational safety.

Free changes made to the machine without the approval of the manufacturer Mogązwolnić