Rotary Mowers
We produce modern double-drum rotary mowers with hydraulic cylinder and swath spreader
Modern Technology Solutions
We have introduced modern technical solutions for the production of our mowers
We provide transport of our machines
In the country we provide transport of our machines in whole or in parcels
International Transport
Parcels with mowers designed for optimum international transport
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logo Banrol
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Our offer

Why us?

Our products meet EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.
At every stage of the production of rotary mowers we strive to achieve the highest quality.
Our mowers are suitable for all conditions and in all terrains.
Thanks to the simple design, our rotary mowers can be connected to all possible tractors available on the market.
Because of the construction of the chopping unit, our mowers are very efficient when harvesting forage.
banrol kółko zębate pomarańcz

Our strengths


We provide a 12-month warranty for every rotary lawnmower manufactured by us.

Spare parts

We have in constant sales spare parts, the same quality as we used in the manufactured lawn mowers.


Warranty service may be performed by our reseller or our company.

Dear Customer

A rotary tedder and a hydraulic cylinder can be mounted to our rotary mowers.