LpSpecificationMini Z-041/MZ-041/1Z-041Z-041/2
1Working width1, 35m1, 35m1, 65m1, 85m
2Tractor PowerFrom 16 KWFrom 16 KWFrom 20 KWFrom 35 KW
3Number of drums2222
5Number of Knives4/84/866
6Cutting height32/44 mm32/44 mm32/44 mm32/44 mm
7Drum rotation2480 rpm2480 rpm2400 rpm2400 rpm
8Tractor PTO SPEED540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm
11Operating speedUp to 11 km/hUp to 11 km/hto 15 km/hto 14 km/h
12PerformanceUp to 0.8 ha/hUp to 0.8 ha/hUp to 1.5 ha/hUp to 2.2 ha/h
20Articulated telescopic shaft300-340 Nm300-340 Nm300-340 Nm400 Nm
21Spreader swaths—–OptionOptionOption
22Hydraulic Cylinder—–OptionOptionOption
22Paint colorRed/GreenRed/GreenRed/GreenRed/Green